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Our fantasy writers will take you on a rollercoaster ride by enacting your fantasy world in words. Our proficient fantasy writers brainstorm ideas and develop exciting characters that keep your readers on their toes until the last chapter. Moreover, our writers also take inspiration from popular fantasy writers to add more subtlety to your story and create something that the reader can connect to.


Non-fiction writing is all about expressiveness and brainstorming ideas. It is also about showcasing intriguing plots with captivating emotions and depiction through clever wordplay. Moreover, capturing readers’ attention and keeping them engaged until the last page is no easy feat.


Autobiography is one type of biography, which tells a life story of its author, meaning it is a written record of the author’s life. Some autobiographies are written in the form of a fictional tale; as novels or stories that closely mirror events from the author’s real life. In writing about personal experiences, one discovers himself.


We believe that every person’s life story is worth sharing, especially if they have lived through fascinating moments. Our ghostwriters are experts in taking your memories and expressing them articulately.


With our professional and experienced science fiction writers at your service, we can help you write amazing stories in all formats, from short stories to long novels, with easy publishing and flexible pricing.

Children’s Book

we provide professional ghostwriting children’s book writing services to compose intricate literature pieces that leave a lasting impression on young readers.

What Our Clients Say About Us?

  • GM
  • Grace Mccarthy

    1 review   us


Fantasy Author

I had hit a brick wall with my novel, and that's when I reached out to the team. The wealth of creative insight they brought to the table was unparalleled. They challenged me to my narrative arcs. In no time, I found my book transformed from a stagnant draft to a dynamic masterpiece. They made book writing a gratifying journey rather than an arduous task.

  • JB
  • Jonan Roberts

    1 review   us


Mystery Novelist

I was looking for a publishing company that could help me get my book published, but I didn't have a lot of money to spend. I spent weeks searching and reading reviews until I came across Ghostwriting hive.

  • LK
  • Leonard Kim

    1 review   us


Biographical Writer

As an aspiring author, navigating the complex maze of book publishing was intimidating. This team, however, turned that anxiety into assurance. From manuscript proofreading to acquiring an ISBN, they guided me through every step of the process with ease. They really took the 'pain' out of publishing, and for that, I am extremely thankful.

  • RW
  • Lisa Martinez

    1 review   us


Host & Producer

I struggled to articulate my ideas effectively. Their skilled writers truly understood what I was struggling with and helped me present my ideas I couldn’t have expressed better. Their words breathed life into my book's online presence, leading to increased interest from readers and fellow authors alike. Thank you, bunch, team!

  • SJ
  • Sarah Johanson

    1 review   us



The team efficiently converted my manuscript into a captivating audiobook. I'm grateful for their expertise and would recommend them to any author looking to reach a broader audience.

  • AO
  • Andrew Orion

    1 review   us



I was looking to do something unique to promote my latest novel, and the team suggested a video book trailer. The result was an engaging, cinematic teaser that captured the essence of my book perfectly. It was shared across various platforms, drawing in viewers and leading to a noticeable uptick in pre-orders. It was an investment worth every penny!


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  • Proofreading

  • Cover Design

  • Interior Formatting Layout

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  • Printing and Production

  • EBook Conversion

  • Distribution and Fulfillment

  • Marketing and Promotion

  • Auto Support and Guidance

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