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Your dreams are our mission. At Ghostwriting Hive, we believe in empowering authors like you to focus on your passion while we care for the rest – turning your manuscript into a masterpiece and guiding you on this thrilling journey to success.

Our flexible pricing models allow authors to choose the services that fit their needs and budget. We have strengthened our ties with major distributors and online platforms to ensure that work is accessible to readers worldwide.

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Our expert team is here to take care of all the details, from manuscript preparation to distribution and marketing. Here are some of our examples.

The Only Publishing Process Your Book Needs

With our efficient and streamlined processes, authors don’t have to endure lengthy waiting periods; they know where they stand every step of the way.

  • Deal Finalization:

    Before we begin, let’s seal the deal and discuss your vision. Your input guides us every step of the way.

  • Manuscript Review:

    We’ll carefully review your manuscript, ensuring it’s primed for the next steps.

  • Writing and Editing, if Required:

    Our skilled team can assist with writing and editing, ensuring your book shines.

  • Proofreading, Formatting and Typesetting

    Meticulous proofreading and professional formatting make your book ready for the world.

  • Cover Designing:

    Capture readers’ attention with a stunning cover design that reflects your story’s essence.

  • Printing and Publication

    Once everything’s in place, we handle printing and guide you through publication so your book reaches readers without delay.

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